DV Daily/Mar 06 2009

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Friday; March 6th, 2009


Intro Audio

  • CB Walker and Tim's mom. Please sign up for the sideshow, it's only 5 goddamn dollars.

Stuff found on the net

  • STD Carriers.com. Pictures included! Check to see if you made the list. (WARNING: This site has some real annoying audio. The player is in the upper left corner if you wanna shut if off).
  • Boarder line pedophilia porn. Fucking creepy.
  • NSFW: Lurid Digs.com. Gays with no taste.
  • Southern prank with the ice box.
  • Some bitch complaining about cruelty to animals. Yet racism and bigotry is okay...

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Needed: 20 Vagina Models To Complete Optimus Mega-Coont
  • Dining On Blood Poop
  • What's That Hangin' From Your Belt?


  • Long Legged Mac Daddy calling in to explain what Loli's (Low-lee) are.
  • A guy calling in about a freak moment.
  • Berny the Kitty Cat calling in wanting more sideshow exclusive stuff on the free-side.
  • A guy calling in about a freak moment... again. Join the sideshow to be sure you hear yourself.
  • Naughty Nipples calling in regarding the NPR story about "The year of the Brown Eye Prime-rose". Take of that what you will.
  • Zack from Florida calls in with tech advice.
  • Bizarre Sex Term involving World of Warcraft.
  • Jared from Denver called in complaining about Tim's pronunciation of "Fire".

Outro Music and/or Clip


  • "Don't let my poor baby go hungry on the streets!" - Tim's mom.
  • DON'T ADD TIM TO THE STD LIST! His penis is clean enough to eat off of; it has to be small BUT HE'S CLEAN!
  • Be careful you don't get AIDS audio used.
  • Sweet Daddy and Lil Honey audio played.
  • Winners of the Sideshow memberships: Jessi Henry and Lenny.
  • YouTube video of the restaurant from the news story.
  • What is it with Africa and cutting off peoples genitals? And the witches/warlocks? Mmm... Penis stew.
  • Jigoo means "good morning".
  • Didn't hear your voicemail? Join the Sideshow to be sure to hear yourself.
  • Tim blames his half-frozen Rockstar for his gas.
  • Yay for nerds calling in! :D