Crichton Leprechaun

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An amateur sketch of the Crichton Leprechaun
The sketch goes meme

The Crichton Leprechaun News Report – "Give me the gold, I want the gold!"


The clip originally aired on show back in 2006. The clip demonstrates TNB.

This was an actual news report that was aired in Crichton. In the clip, it seemed that just in time for St. Patrick’s day a leprechaun was seen in the area. It only comes out at night, and runs away when you shine light at it.

Memorable Quotes

  • “Te me it look like a leprechaun to me. All you gatta do is look up the tree. Who else seen the leprechaun say “YEAH!””
  • “Could be a crack head, that got hold to the wrong stuff! And it told ‘em to get up in the tree and play a leprechaun.”
  • “I wanna know where da gold at. I want da gauld. Gemme the gauld, I want da gauld!”

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