Cheryl Merkowski

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Cheryl Trig Merkowski

Name Cheryl Trig Merkowski
Other names
Birth 25 years ago
Years active 2005 - Present
Website Whore Hole

Cheryl "Steryl" Trig Merkowski is a beautiful, tan, 25 year old smoker, owner of 3/4ths of a lung, multiple cancer survivor, and has a massive, often prolapsed, ass-cunt.

The Woman

Cheryl Merkowski (M as in Mary, E as in en-word, R as in rape, K as in koala, O as in obese, W as in wallaby, S as in stink-hair, K as in kangaroo, and I as in incontinent) first made an appearance on the Distorted View Show on April 19 2006. On July 18 2006 she read a memorable Sextastic Tuesday story that was praised by listeners as a brilliant performance, comparable to Orson Wells' 1938 radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds. Her voice is very distinctive, and has been imitated by Tim Henson and his listeners.

She is currently between places since she is moving and forgets where she is and where she is going. Cheryl is famous for hacking, being obsessed with prolapsed asses, saying "honaye" instead of "honey", and is also the creator of Whore Her signature quote is "stay smoke-ay". Although she usually says she is 25, in an interview with a usual character on her podcast, she revealed her real age which is about 85 but then quickly corrects her self with 25.

Cheryl had been diagnosed with cancer in the past and had gone through chemotherapy. All of the freaks wished her well and a speedy recovery.


Cheryl contributes many things to Distorted View, such as audio clips, her own songs, voice-over recordings, and even a full interview for Sideshow members.

At least one freak thinks that she is a joke that has gone on far too long. This same person believes that large numbers of the listener-ship would really prefer it if she just went away. How wrong that person is.

Music videos

From Cheryl's children's album, "If You're Prolapsed and You Know it (Staple Your 'gine)" <videoflash>WiQiaFsEfkI</videoflash> <videoflash>RkZLl1CUT9s</videoflash>

Pop Culture

Cheryl is immortalized as both a drink and a beef jerky recipe in the Unofficial Distorted View Bar Guide.

In February of 2014, Her video "Walls Fall Out" was trending on Vimeo and on the verge of going viral before it was pulled due to an apparently bogus copyright infringement claim.

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