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About Alex

Alexander Cornswalled (common mispronunciations: Cornswallowed, Cumswallowed, Cornhole) was a religious nut job on a holy crusade against the evil that is Distorted View. We first heard of him on the February 4th, 2007 show, when it was revealed that he had started a petition against Distorted View.

Originally thought to be a listener or random person that began making outrageous and bloated complaints over content and show ethos, it later transpired that he was real and more than a little nuts. Apparently a conservative Christian in the Midwest, never drinks anything outside of Communion wine, anti-homosexuality and believes that AIDS is God smiting the Careless Fairys, considers Obama a travesty and a Muslim, and that Tim is a pornographer. One of his most notable concerns was Sextastic Tuesday, such as the "graphic story about the supernatural rape of a 12 year old girl." When Tim put Sextastic Tuesday on hiatus Cornswalled claimed victory and declared his 'campaign' a success.

He has since been quiet on the DV front, even after the quick return of Sextastic Tuesday.

He has, or at least had, his own Podcast and posts both questions and answers on Yahoo Answers, presumably his own version of Sabotage.

In March of 2009 Alexander Cornswalled was banned for life by a "Moonie" editor at Conservapedia because he suggested the mother from My neighbor Totoro might have had radiation poisoning and not the tuberculous favored by the banning editor. The Conservapedia article that was the focus of the debate was later deleted for being about a Japanese movie that didn't praise Jesus.

Peter Cornswalled

Cornswalled's blog has been quiet for a while now, but someone using the name "Peter Cornswalled" the name of Alexander's brother, has been making the rounds on other blogs claiming that there's no such thing as miscarriage and that any woman claiming to have a miscarriage is trying to cover up an abortion. Peter is also actively defending a pervert who seduces underage disabled women and harasses them via billboard when they dump him.

In a Coma

On February 21, 2012, Peter Cornswalled posted that Alexander had been the victim of a hit and run accident, and was now in a coma.[1]. Alexander's former web site, is now selling "digital drugs". His LiveJournal, Yahoo Answers and other known blog forums have been silent since then.

A Moment of Humanity

Cornswalled expressed his condolences[2] upon the passing of Time Henson's father Audra Henson.

Alexander Cornswalled
My condolences to Tim Henson on the loss of his father.
Despite our political, religious and moral conflicts, 
the loss of a parent is a painful experience. My heart 
and prayers go out to him.